Welcome! I’m Cherity Rinehart, wife, mom and most importantly a child of the one true God! I’m blessed with a wonderful husband of 13 years, 2 daughters and 1 son.

Why Chaotic Peace? Good question…

Chaotic – (adj.) lacking a visible order or organization

Peace – (n.) Inner contentment; serenity

In other words…I am totally content with the lack of order in my home! I love and serve God, my Husband and my Children. My house is in a constant state of chaos (not the bad kind) and we find peace (at times) with each other! I’ve come to realize that, all too soon, my children will be grown up and I have but one chance to be a part of their childhood. To play with them (even when I should be doing the dishes!), to read to them (the dust bunnies can wait) and to help them learn what God wants them to do with their lives. I count it a blessing and privilege to be a part of this wonderful adventure! I’ve been told that one day my house will be clean, my laundry will be done and my house will be quiet…and I will miss the chaos! Probably…but until then…here is my life!

Hope you all have a Blessed Day and Thanks for visiting!