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Well…not exactly! Someone messed up somewhere and the kids ended up having a Snow Day without any snow to play in! Since they couldn’t go digging in the snow, Daddy let them do some other digging …

Alex scooping the dry coal back into the bucket

Chrissy giving him a hand

Thankfully, this was all done in the room we’re remodeling…yikes:)

Now some updated pictures of my kiddos…


I’m officially back! It had been a fun and busy summer, but things are slowing down finally. All summer I tried to get back here, but I just couldn’t find the time…now that school has started it will be much easier!

We are starting a new educational journey this year with PACYBER. You can visit their site for more information. We really like the curriculum, but we are adding a few things to our day.

The first is Dr. William Bennett’s book The American Patriot’s Almanac. It is very important that we teach our children real American History. This book has daily readings of events in American History. This kids are facinated by all we have learned so far!

The second is a Bible Curriculum by Anne Elliott. This is our first year with the curriculum. By the end of the year we will have made it through the Old Testament. I love this program because it is designed to use with all grade levels. It has lots of options for activties and extra reading and memory verses for older kids.

Visit my Amazon aStore to view or purchase these books.

Check back in awhile for what I have planned for the rest of this week!

Summer is finally winding down and I’m thinking things here might get back to a normal schedule. I’ve missed blogging over the last few months! We have one final week of vacation before we start school-but it’s a “stay-cation” which will be nice and relaxing.

School Time

For those of you that might not know, we have enrolled our kids in PA Cyber this year and are really looking forward to what they have to offer. As my girls browse the course catalog they are presented with electives such as Digital Drawing, Digital Painting, Digital Photography (all wonderful skills to attain in today’s society) as well as different foreign languages ; Spanish, French, German and Chinese. These are only a few of the electives they have to choose from.  We’re also looking forward to having a self-paced curriculum again. It seems like the options are endless and we are very excited to get started!

Home Time

Our garden is growing an abundance of veggies and the canning process had begun. Our beets are pickled, our beans are growing like crazy (we’ve already done a few quarts and I have a huge pan in the fridge waiting to be canned today), the tomatoes are coming along nicely and soon the house will be filled with the delicious smells of homemade sauces and salsas. It is wonderful to be able to send one of the kids out to pick food for a meal!

Family Time

Some updates from our family:

Chrissy turned 11 this summer. I can’t believe my little firecracker is growing up so fast! Last week she had to have stitches for the first time (hopefully the last!) after cutting her finger on a garden stick. I was so proud of her for how she handled the whole thing. Yesterday she even took out the last stitch herself! I was very impressed  🙂

Sammi will turn 13 this fall. Yes, that’s right…I will officially be the parent of a teenager! Any and all prayers and support will be appreciated during the next few years LOL! She is turning into a beautiful young lady. She is hopeful that her braces will be coming off this year and she has already made the change from glasses to contacts.

Alex…my not-so-baby-anymore boy. It’s hard to believe that he is closer to 6 than 5 now! He is excited to start kindergarten, but he still keeps asking if he can go back to preschool. He was there for 2 years and is really going to miss his teachers. He is growing so fast, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up tall like his uncles (Ben and I aren’t on the tall side).

Ben and I…well, we’ve been busy raising our family! For those of you with children, you know exactly how time consuming this is! There is never a dull moment around here and I’m thankful for that. We are planning of doing some renovations on our home in the next few weeks. Our house is close to 100 years old, and unfortunately, it’s starting to show it’s age. We’ll be starting with replacing the plaster walls in the living room with dry wall and hopefully be moving to the kitchen to replace the carpet with linoleum. Lord willing, in the next few years we’ll have replaced most of the walls and be able to start saving for new furniture!

Well…that’s an update in a nutshell! Hope you all are having a blessed summer!

You all thought I dropped off the face of the earth, didn’t you? Not exactly, but I have been busy and I haven’t stopped to think about blogging in several weeks. Since there have been some people asking if I’m still blogging…I guess I need to get on the ball!

So…what have we been doing? Well…

VBS – Loads of fun! What a blessing to our little church that we had 55 children with us for the week and 7 professions of faith! God is Good!!!

Gardening – Not exactly what I had planned, but it’s doing good! The fence was necessary to keep out the pesky groundhog and rabbits. I normally do rows, but with the fence I thought to do “patches”. Next year…rows.


Green BeansIMG_3384

Red BeetsIMG_3381

Tomatoes – 8 Romas, 1 Pink German, 1 Tomatillos, 2 Beef Steak, 1 Cherry


ZucchiniIMG_3382Like I said…not exactly what I had in mind…but it’s doing well. Before we got the fence fixed the groundhog had a feast of my cucumbers & yellow squash.By the time we could replant, the greenhouse was out of all their plants! It’s much too late to start them from seeds, so we’ll have to settle for what we have. I’m going to plant more beets and beans where the cantaloupe and watermelon plants died off.

And a little bit of prettiness…


Kids, kids, kids – schools out, so we’re spending loads of time outside. We’re also working on some homemaking skills with the girls. Sammi is able to cook meals and baked good on her own and Chrissy is an awesome bread maker!

I can’t promise much more until we get back from Vacation next week…but there will be tons of pictures! If I get a chance I’ll post a few while we’re gone…my friend has one of those new mini laptops and I’m dying to play with it 🙂

Happy Summer!

On Sunday we had a friend visit for dinner. We had a wonderful visit and she brought some really neat things for the kids to look through. She homeschooled her children (now grown) and knew we were going to homeschool…so she brought a mini-science lesson with her!

The Pottery was BEAUTIFUL! Our friend’s daughter makes these and more. To see more samples visit her website : Michelle Schissler

This past week was extremely busy from dawn to dusk! We had company 3 times for supper along with all of the rest of our normal activities. It was such a blessing to have friends and family join us AND a big bonus…my house stayed clean for an entire week! I’m exhausted, but it was well worth it and we look forward to having company again very soon.

It’s been requested that I do a family update. I have taken some pictures over the last few weeks and I will put them on the computer tomorrow along with an update on each family member and an update on what is happening as a family.

Hopefully, I’ll remember to post family happenings at least once a week for our friends and family (and anyone else that drops by!)

I’m off to bed…have a blessed night!


Have I mentioned lately how wonderful my husband is? He works hard everyday to provide for our family, makes time for us even though he is physically and mentally exhausted and still has time to help me with this blog. He told me last night that he has decided on an a host site for my move to my own  dot com site! He has been researching over the last few weeks (in his few precious spare minutes) and we’ll be working on the switch this weekend! I’m so exicited…I hardly know what to think! So, if you have any links to this site, you’ll want to check back next week so you can update them. I’m not sure what will take place yet, but I’ll make sure that you are redirected one way or another to the new site.

Don’t forget that we’re starting the Colossal Clutter Cleanup on Sunday!


How is it even possible that only 5 short years ago, this very active, loving, kind-hearted little boy was born? I think my heart breaks a little each time he tells me , “I can do it…I’m big enough now”. I think back on the day that my sweet oldest turned 5 and I remember thinking, “Wow…where has time gone?”…I don’t remember being sad about it. Then my precious middle daughter turned 5 and I thought the same thing. But now, this little guy that steals the heart of just about everyone that knows him is turning 5 and my heart is torn in two! I know that I need to let him grow up, but I wonder…is it ok to hang on a little longer? I guess it’s because he’s my last “baby” and I know that this is my last year with him all to myself. As I sit here, I can’t even imagine what I’ll do when all 3 of my children are at school everyday! For now, I’m blessed to be able to take care of a friend’s little sweetie during the day…if that continues, then it certainly will help with my “empty nest” feelings!

I praise and thank God everyday for the 3 children he blessed us with. Through the sweetest moments and the toughest trials, God has blessed our family in so many ways. And while I know that He is the Giver of every sweet, blessed moment…it’s in the trial that I see His hand the most. I suppose I’ll get through this “trial” as well…although, in reality…it’s a Blessing to be celebrating yet another year with all of our children!

WOW! This was the first time I joined the “psyco ranks” for the Door Buster Sales. We got up at 2:45AM and left the house for the 45 minute drive to the mall. Why, you may ask? Well…the flyers we had said that JCPenny opened at 4am and Target opened at 5am. We were looking for a new wedding band for me at the former and a Super Mario Nintendo DS at the later. So, here was our morning:

  • 3:45am – arrive at Target to drop off MIL to get in line
  • 4:00am – arrive at JCPenny to get in line
  • 4:01am – enter JCPenny without waiting, because they actually opened at 3:30am!
  • 4:20am – MIL shows up at Pennys and tells us that Target actually doesn’t open until 6am!
  • 4:30am – after waiting for our turn at the Jewelry counter we find out that the ring we wanted was out of stock already. The nice clerk ordered it at the door buster price for us online. So really, we could have come in at anytime before 1pm and had them order it!
  • 4:45am- arrive at Target to get in line (for real this time)
  • 5:55am – late arrivers start standing around near the front of the line expecting to sneak into the crowd when the doors open. No security had come out and it was starting to get interesting.
  • 6am – doors open and there is literally a mad rush into the store. My husband was brave (or crazy) enough to hold back some of the line jumpers until we most of us that had waited more than an hour could get through the door. Nobody got seriously hurt, but one of the line jumpers got through and when some young teenage accidentally bumped into him with a cart, he turned around and slammed the cart back at the kid. I moved out of the way, but he pushed passed me as well. I rushed to the electronics, MIL went to where they were handing out the GPS (she had a ticket that was handed out earlier) and Ben caught up to us after holding back the crowd…thankfully with no black eye or broken bones!
  • 6:10am – after searching for the DS, I finally got the attention of a clerk and was told they weren’t sent any of them! Apparently not all stores received all the advertised specials. I think I’ll be calling the corporate customer service to let them know how disappointed we were. MIL did get the GPS she wanted, so it wasn’t a totally wasted wait.
  • 6:30am – check out of Target…we were very impressed with their system and the line went from the back of the store to the front in less than 10 minutes!
  • 6:50am – quick stop at Toys R Us to look for the DS. Bumped into my neice who had been waiting in line for an hour after spending only 10 minutes getting what she wanted. I guess it was good that that store was out of the DS already!
  • 7:15 arrive at Sam’s club – DS Found!!! They had about 10 of them and they were only about $10 more than the other stores. Picked up a few other things and checked out.
  • 7:30 enjoyed a free breakfast buffet at Sam’s club and rested our weary feet for a few mintues.

That was then end of our craziness. After that, we went back to the mall to do some shopping and eat lunch. We made it to Wal-Mart around 1pm, did some shopping there and finally headed home at 3pm.

My daughter called at 2 and reminded me that we said we’d be home at noon and we were two hours late! We arrived back at my MILs at 4pm, ate supper, played Scrabble and took a nap. We headed back home around 7:15 and the kiddos were ready to go to bed when we got home at 8. Ben and I went to bed around 10 and we all slept in until around 8. I’m still dragging a bit this morning, but I guess it was worth it 😉

What did we end up buying? Not much!

  • Ordered new wedding band – mine lost 2 of 3 of the diamonds and my engagement ring needed some fixing as well. We had an estimate to get them both fixed and found it to be less expensive to just find one ring for now. After 12 years,  they finally started to show how rough I really am on them!
  • Frog rubber boots & an outfit for Alex’s bday present in two weeks
  • A shirt for Sammi for Christmas
  • Best deal? 4 Glade Oil Candle burners for $4 (after coupons) , 2 Glade Candle wisp refills for $2 (after coupons), 2 Glade Fan plugins and 2 refills (fans were free with coupons). You really didn’t think I could go shopping without using coupons did you??

I guess I’ll go out again next year…but I’ll definitely go to bed before 11pm Thanksgiving Day!!!

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Several notes of interest…

  1. The Book Discussion is postponed until further notice. I only had one person express interest in doing an online discussion and she would like to wait a while also. If you are interested in this discussion beginning soon, please leave me a comment and we’ll start next week.
  2. I’m looking for ideas of what you all would like to read about. Some topics of interest are Frugal Housekeeping, Shopping on a Shoestring Budget, Raising you children to be Biblically sound, Online Scrapbooking challenges, Serving God by Loving your Husband…or anything along these lines. I’m at a stand still for post ideas so your input is greatly appreciated.
  3. I would like to start having one guest post a month. If you are interested please leave a comment with your email and I will contact you. All comments are moderated, so I won’t be publishing your email address.
  4. Starting today, every Monday I will have a new post under My Peace. These will be biblical insights and encouragement, prayer and praise and other thoughts I have that give me Peace. If there is something you are interested in having more insight on, please let me know and I will do my best to post something for you. It may take a few weeks, depending on the topic and the amount of research that will go into it.

I think that’s it for now! As you can see…I’m stepping it up a notch and hope you will be along for the ride!

Have a Blessed Day!


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