Ok…here we go! If you are just joining us, HERE is the link to find out what we’re doing. I thought I would give a little Good Morning to anyone joining us for the day. I’m sitting here finishing my coffee and then it’s off to start cooking. My mom will be here in an hour and I hope to have most of the prep work done by then. Because life happens, I didn’t get everything I wanted to accomplish done yesterday AND because I sometimes forget to write things down…I’ll be cooking by myself for awhile this afternoon. I’m very thankful that my mom is coming down to help and that she is willing to take my oldest to an orthodontist appt that I forgot about! I may even see if she’ll take my son too, because he LOVES going and playing there (it doesn’t hurt that they have a kiddie movie room with little kid recliners, a plasma TV and snacks)!

Anyway…slow start to my morning and I’ve had to switch some things up a bit as far as recipes go. I’ll be posting bits and pieces and hopefully some pictures, throughout the day. Don’t forget to leave a link to your OAM cooking day!

Money Saving Mom is also hosting a cooking day…check it out!