It’s that time of year again…time to start baking! As soon as the weather starts getting chilly, I fire up the oven and start cranking out baked goods. It’s just a small way I can bless my family and friends as the holidays approach.

Every year I get together with a friend and we spend the day baking. In past years, we’ve only planned a week or so in advance and just gathered what we could at the last minute. This year is going to be different. Oh, I’m sure we’ll still decide on some last minute additions, but for the most part we’ll be more prepared for the day.

To make the day even more fun, I’ll be blogging about it as I have time and then at the end of the day. We haven’t picked a date yet, but it will most likely be the second week in December. To help you get ready, here is our recipe list, shopping list and our game plan. Have fun and if you have a blog…leave a link to your baking day in the comments. I’d love to see how much fun you all have!

*all documents are in Google Documents and are printable.

HERE is the Shopping List.  Since I always go on the idea that, when baking, it’s better to have more than enough…all the ingredients are rounded up to the nearest pound or package size. you can alway save the rest for another baking day!

HERE  are the Recipes. NOTE: The shopping list is for a double batch of each. If you are doing this alone, you’ll want to half all of the amounts on the shopping list. You will have double the recipes as you go.

HERE  is our Game Plan. Feel free to add your own details or arrange things to fit your schedule. We’ll have a 3 year old and 6 year old with us for the day and have older children that will need picked up after school.

This is a time to build your friendship and bless your family. Don’t stress over details! Another important detail is to TAKE PICTURES! You will have so much fun every year looking back through the pictures and remembering all the fun you had.