I absolutely LOVE the idea of Once a Month cooking. Spending one day cooking meals for entire month might seem like a lot…but think of the time saved after you’re done! Less cleanup means more family time, no more “what’s for dinner” rush or “what’s for dinner, mom’s sick” confusion…plus, you can often save money if you buy in bulk and plan well in advance.

As appealing as the concept is,  I admit I don’t have the time to figure out all the details. When I discovered Once a Month Mom, I was so excited! Finally, all the work was done for me.  The menu, the shopping list, the Instructions…everything I need! The menus are put up a month in advance along with a podcast explaining it all. The great thing is, the menus are designed to use things that will be on sale during your “shopping” month.

I got right to work. I have the recipes, instructions and shopping list all printed and in a binder. I just take the binder with me to the store, so I can check the list to see if I can find some good deals on what I need. And my mom is planning on coming down for the day to help me. I may even find somewhere for my 5 year old to play for the day so there are no distractions.

Mark your calendars and plan on cooking with me! December 2nd…I’ll be starting around 8:30am. I plan on posting my progress throughout the day so tune in. If you want to join me, here are some links that might be helpful: