It’s  not too often I have a good shopping trip to Wal-Mart. Actually, by all accounts, it’s one of my least favorite stores. BUT~ since there are some things that are better priced there, I try to make the best out of evey trip.

Yesterday I hit pay-dirt!


Yes~that’s a lot of bacon! But at $.50 a pack, who could pass it up?? I had the sweetest cashier when I checked out. Usually, I have all kinds of problems with coupons and I won’t even try the so-called questionable deals. So you can imagine my surprise when this sweet girl actually asked me if she could try to scan a coupon! There were $2/1 peelies for Hormal Ready-Serve on the front of the package. I was just going to put them away to use later, but the cashier told me she would try it “just in case”. WOOT!

The coupons did scan, so I paid $1 for my two packs of bacon! Of course I had to go back and get more…6 more to be exact! I was so excited I was actually giddy!!

Anyway, here’s the breakdown:

  • 8 packs Hormel Bacon = $20
  • 7 packs Reach floss = $7
  • 4 boxes Bandaids = $4.96
  • Carmex Lip Balm = $1.08
  • total before coupons = $33.04
  • total after coupons = $5.04
  • savings of = $28 or about 85%

Anyone else find good deals this week?