You all thought I dropped off the face of the earth, didn’t you? Not exactly, but I have been busy and I haven’t stopped to think about blogging in several weeks. Since there have been some people asking if I’m still blogging…I guess I need to get on the ball!

So…what have we been doing? Well…

VBS – Loads of fun! What a blessing to our little church that we had 55 children with us for the week and 7 professions of faith! God is Good!!!

Gardening – Not exactly what I had planned, but it’s doing good! The fence was necessary to keep out the pesky groundhog and rabbits. I normally do rows, but with the fence I thought to do “patches”. Next year…rows.


Green BeansIMG_3384

Red BeetsIMG_3381

Tomatoes – 8 Romas, 1 Pink German, 1 Tomatillos, 2 Beef Steak, 1 Cherry


ZucchiniIMG_3382Like I said…not exactly what I had in mind…but it’s doing well. Before we got the fence fixed the groundhog had a feast of my cucumbers & yellow squash.By the time we could replant, the greenhouse was out of all their plants! It’s much too late to start them from seeds, so we’ll have to settle for what we have. I’m going to plant more beets and beans where the cantaloupe and watermelon plants died off.

And a little bit of prettiness…


Kids, kids, kids – schools out, so we’re spending loads of time outside. We’re also working on some homemaking skills with the girls. Sammi is able to cook meals and baked good on her own and Chrissy is an awesome bread maker!

I can’t promise much more until we get back from Vacation next week…but there will be tons of pictures! If I get a chance I’ll post a few while we’re gone…my friend has one of those new mini laptops and I’m dying to play with it 🙂

Happy Summer!