Now that the girls are back to school and we have some “down time” I better get caught up here! We had a wonderful Easter break and lots of fun on Easter day…which I’ll post about a little later when I have the pictues on the computer.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. We’ve been practicing for our Easter Cantata, working outside to get things ready for Spring, cleaning out bedrooms to get ready for Garage Sale season…the list seems endless! I’ve gotten back into the habit of having a baking day once a week and that has truely helped with meals and snack time. I’ve also not gone major grocery shopping for 2 weeks. We’re running pretty thin, but I think we can make it another week with only a trip for milk and a trip to the farmers market for fruit and veggies tomorrow. Not shopping for 2 weeks has helped get caught up after purchasing some pork from some friends a few weeks ago.

We have finally made a final decision about schooling next year. We will be Cyber Schooling all 3 using the Lincoln Interactive through PA Cyber School. We spent weeks deciding what to do for Alex. We were torn … we had such good memories of the girls in kindergarten – what about him? But, then we realized that he has had 2 years of preschool and has learned as much if not more than what he’ll learn at the public school next year. He loves to learn and with what we do here and what he learns at preschool, he is ahead of most kids his age. Since it’s still only 1/2 a day at our local school, we decided it wasn’t worth splitting up our day for him to go (I would have to go pick him up before lunch everyday). I also got to thinking that if I wanted to take the girls somewhere for a field trip, we would either have to be back in time to get him or make arrangements for him to go home with someone. Either way, he would be missing out on the fun!

They are all excited about it … secretly I think because they’ll get to sleep in a little bit and they ALL get their own laptop! They’re also excited because some of their good friends are either homeschooled or Cyber schooled (Matthew, Meghan, Sarah & Michael đŸ™‚ ), and we’re planning on getting together with them a few times a month (or more!). We’ll also be able to take advantage of free swimming at the YMCA for homeschooler, spend more time at the library and have more hands-on learning activities. The girls are mostly happy about getting back to self-paced work. They’re struggling at school this year because they want to move ahead, but can’t until the other students are caught up. This has been a source of some major conflict afterschool in the last few weeks! We’re really starting to count down to the end of May now.

With that decision made, we can concentrate on other things and preparing for summer! Hopefully after this month, we’ll slow down a bit. Ben and I are going away again this weekend (separate directions thought) and Grandmal is taking care of the kids for us. Next weekend I’m attending a Ladies Retreat and am VERY excited about it! After that, I plan on spending the weekends at home…or doing something with the family.

I’ll be back in awhile with the Easter pictures!!