I am SO ready to start planting this year! I have my garden all planned out…including how we’re going to use some other spaces in our yard for veggies.  Here is my list and also how many quarts of each I’m figuring I’ll need to last a year for our family of 5.

  • Tomatoes – Romas ; 52 qts spaghetti sauce
  • Tomatoes – Regular ; salsa (how ever many I can make)
  • Bush Beans – 60 + qts
  • Beets – pickled 52 qts
  • Broccoli – whatever I can get
  • Cauliflower – same as broccoli
  • Pumpkins – 25 qt

I’ll also be growing zucchini & yellow squash, green peppers, onions, several varieties of hot peppers, cucumbers & cabbage. I might freeze some of the squash, but mostly we eat those as they are ready. The green peppers, onion, cucumbers & cabbage are for Green  Tomato Relish and the Hot Peppers will be pickled and canned & Ben will be making some Hot Pepper Jelly.

I’ll be purchasing enough of the following to freeze  since I can’t grow enough to last a year:

  • Corn – 60+ qts
  • Peas – 60 + qts
  • Carrots – 50 qts

And then the fruit:

  • Apples (applesauce & pie filling) – 3 bushels
  • Peaches (canned & frozen for smoothies) – 2 bushels
  • Pears (canned) – 2 bushels
  • Cherries (jelly & pie filling)
  • Strawberries (freeze & jelly)
  • Blueberries (freeze)

WOW! Written out that sounds like a lot! Thankfully, my girls are old enough to help with most of it. Maybe I can talk our moms into coming down for a day or two to help. This is more than I’ve done in the past, but I really would like to have enough in stock to last a year. There is nothing like running out of canned & frozen veggies and fruits months before the next growing season even begins!

What’s on your list? I’d love to see what others have in mind.