It’s been awhile…and things certainly are changing in our household. Here’s an update on everyone:

Ben and I have pretty much stayed the same. I guess when you’re grown-up there isn’t a whole to to report! Ben enjoyed a Men’s Retreat with my Dad’s church in January and I’ll be enjoying a Ladies Night Out in a few weeks with some ladies from church. I’m also looking forward to a Church Ministries Conference coming up in April. I’m also ramping up to begin VBS preparations at the end of this month. Ben is looking forward to attending a conference in a few weeks as well. We will be celebrating our 13th anniversary next month! It hardly seems possible.

Samantha is growing into a beautiful young lady. Our soon-to-be-teenager loves her new role as a Children’s Church Teacher’s Aide. She is certified by the American Red Cross to babysit and plans on getting some practice babysitting here with supervision until she is a little older. She is doing wonderful in school, enjoys reading and is looking forward to summer so she can spend more time with her best friend Meg.

Christine – Chrissy , Chrissy, Chrissy…what do I say about this very active girl? The biggest change for her is the decision to be finished with Gymnastics. I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed, but it was her decision and we wanted to honor it. For a few year we pushed her to stick with it and my thought is that she just got burnt out. Too many hours of practice, too much stress involved with competing and not enough time for other things. Now she spends her time playing outside with her brother, tumbling around the yard, reading longer books and generally just enjoying her free time. She is also doing wonderful in school and has responded very well to the change in school atmosphere. She also can’t wait for summer…mostly she can’t wait to swim all summer long. She and Alex are our little fish!

Alexander just turned 5 in December and I had a mini-breakdown. It’s hard to believe that he isn’t a baby anymore. He’s having fun in preschool and is doing very well with all of his pre-reading skills. My goal is to have him reading by the end of summer. He loves books as much as his sisters, so it should be pretty easy! Right now his favorite thing to do (besides play the Wii) is go visiting others. He loves to go to friend’s houses and grandparents houses. He’s even started asking when he can have a friend sleepover! I’m not sure if I’m up for that just yet 🙂

The biggest change for our family will come next school year. As of right now, we plan to go back to Cyber Schooling for at least one year. We’ve been praying about it, about our finances and praying for guidance in making the decision. Last year I had total peace about the decision to send them to private school even though I had no idea if we could afford it. I had peace that God would provide the tuition and He did! But when we did make that decision, we also knew that we would have to make the decision each year. While God did provide the tuition this year, we feel that this next year we need to use the money that God provides for us in a different way. Please pray for us as we continue to seek His guidance for this situation.

I’ll post some pictures soon! I have a new family picture to scan, and I plan on taking some of the kids this weekend.