8486_3923I have to be completely honest…my personal CCC isn’t go so well! I intended on tackling it over the weekend, but we had company on Saturday and Sunday I was just plain worn out, so I did a few loads of laundry and ran to CVS after church. I’ve also decided to not include the kids’ bedrooms for now. I will get to them before “yard sale” season…but I just need to get the “public” areas done for now.

One question … would you mind posting a comment if you are participating in the CCC? There are only a few more weeks left, so I will finish the assignments, but I’d like to know if anyone else enjoyed this with me!

Assignment #5 : republished from A Clean Heart

Are you ready for the next step in “perrging” your home? You are now going to RE-ASSESS your boxes/bags… take your time and pace yourself.  Call in recruts if you need them.  You’ve thrown away the trash, now you’re going to go a little deeper and begin to sift through your stuff.  Don’t forget about the previous step (EVALUATE why you have all the clutter) and open your heart to hear what the Lord has been telling you, and continues to teach you about what to do with all your stuff.  You can do this!


  • How’s your devotional/memory verse coming along?  Be sure to be “hiding God’s Word in your heart” throughout the week and don’t forget to read the next devotional when Sunday comes!
  • Are you checking things off ‘MY DON’T FORGET LIST‘?  Remember, don’t let the rest of the house fall behind!
  • You should have a “KEEP” box for each room in your home (this DOES NOT need to be any special kind of box… you will not be keeping it forever… it’s just to put the things in that you want to keep to put away.  The clutter that you have in these boxes will either need to find a home, or be thrown!  You should also have a “FIND” box (one big and one small so the smaller items don’t get lost) to put everything that is missing a piece or part to eventually bring together (in the next step), a “BLESS” box/bag to put the things in that you want to give away, and “THROW” bags (probably lots of these!).
  • RE-ASSESS the boxes/bags that you PICKED UP from before by putting them in their appropriate boxes (KEEP – one for each room, FIND, BLESS, or THROW). You are touching things more than once through this de-clutter process, but hopefully as continue examining your heart and looking at things a few times, you’re seeing your clutter in a different way.  Pray for the Lord to release you from these earthly treasures… these idols that you’ve been clinging to, and experience freedom for the first time in a long time!
  • Be sure to be checking this step off the AT-A-GLANCE CHECK LIST as well (found on page 63).  If you have boxes in more than one room (if you were unable to move everything into one spot) then be sure to mark it on the list so you’ll know where you’ve been.

You’re doing great and running a great race!  Find time to do this when kids are sleeping, during playtime, or in the evening.  Discipline yourselves to get this done.  The next step is easy so be encouraged… a little break is on the way!  Keep drawing your strength from the Lord and be patient with yourself.  Your home didn’t get cluttered in a day, and it won’t become de-cluttered overnight.  Life is still happening… you can’t put it on hold… this is a process… and you are learning more about yourself along the way.  If you have children that are old enough, ask for help.  This can be a learning experience for them as well.  Writing in your journal about your experience will let them see how you felt during this time in your life.  It may be a great encouragement to them someday… as well as a great reminder for yourself.