How are you doing with your P.E.R.R.G.E ? Like I mentioned in the previous post, it will take me another week (or longer) to finish this step. Since I have a baby and a preschooler here all day, it’s difficult for me to just drop everything to do this all at once. Take as much time as you need and when you are ready…here is your next assignment

Assignment #4 ; republished from A Clean Heart

  • Are you checking things off ‘MY DON’T FORGET LIST‘?  Remember, don’t let the rest of the house fall behind (or even more behind!).
  • Bring all the PICK UP boxes into one spot… one that doesn’t receive a lot of traffic or one that you can work in anytime (so a baby’s room wouldn’t be good or the entry way of your home!), or atleast keep by the doorway of each room.
  • Read pages 36 and 37.  EVALUATE all the boxes that you have in your home after picking up.  Take a good long look at what you have and ask yourself…
  • Why do you have all this stuff? Write your answers on page 36.  You may also want to journal your feelings about this as well, or write a prayer to the Lord releasing all of the desires and wants you’ve been holding onto.  Go ahead… write it all down and leave it in the Lord’s hands…
  • Don’t forget to check off your AT-A-GLANCE CHECK LIST as well (page 63).
  • Read page 38 and begin to think of what room you want to tackle first for the coming assignment.  You might want to start in the one that everyone sees first upon entering your home, or, if you’re married, maybe the bedroom, or you may want to start in the kitchen where everyone eats (or tries to), or maybe you want to start small and begin in the bathroom.  You’ll eventually get to all the rooms, so pray about where the Lord wants you to be first (yes, He cares about EVERYthing).

Get your heart ready to begin the next assignment (RE-ASSESS)!  You’ll need to have the following items ready:

  • a “KEEP” box for every room
  • a “FIND” box (a small and large one would be nice)
  • a “BLESS” box or bag (you’ll probably need more than one of these!)
  • “THROW” bagS… you’ll need LOTS of these!