Time for a confession…I hate Laundry! I don’t use that work lightly…literally, I HATE doing laundry. I have a “crazy” friend that loves doing laundry as much as I hate doing it. She says it’s calming…uh, no…not me. I get frustrated at the mention of washing clothes…or at least I did until this past weekend! No, I still don’t like doing laundry, but there is something about hearing the washer whirring and the dryer tumbling that reminds me of what a blessing it is to have clothes to wash and the conviences of a washer and dryer. Why the sudden change of heart? Here is a timeline of the last week…

Friday- wake up to a frozen kitchen pipe and washer line ; thawed out that night

Saturday – laundry pipe frozen again…thawed out toward evening.

Sunday – wake up to find that the washer had popped a leak and had been dripping all night all over the laundry room floor

Monday – Thursday – washer fine…do most of the laundry

Sunday – pipe frozen again…thaw out for after church. Go to do a load of laundry only to discover the drain pipe had sagged and water had frozen in about a 2 ft section.

Tuesday Night – finally able to get the drain cleared and everything put back together.

So, now it’s Wednesday…laundry is washing away and I’m thankful for doing laundry (at least for a few days)!