I have to admit…I’m totally addicted to vinegar! Here are some great uses for White Distilled Vinegar:

  • Laundry – use 1/4 cup in place of fabric softener.
  • Dish Washing – use a splash in your dish water to help your dishes get really clean and dry spotless
  • Cleaning – sprinkle baking soda on stubborn counter top glop and then sprinkle with vinegar. Let sit for a few mintues and wipe up the mess.
  • Cleaning Windows – use full strength or dilute in a spray bottle and use to replace your regular window cleaner.
  • Use to make Soft Scrub – use the scrub to clean your ceramic top stove, bathtub scum and counter tops.

These are just a few of my favorite uses. You can visit a lot more uses. You can also use it in cooking, but I would recommend using Apple Cider Vinegar in cooking because of it’s great health benefits. For more great tips, visit Tammy’s Recipes.