I’ve got my boxes, my bags and the motivation…let’s get ready to P.E.R.R.G.E! Here is you next assignment…I’ll be posting my before and after pictures as I go along. Post your’s on your blog and sign Mr. Linky so we can help to encourage you too! Remember…take your time with this step. I will still be posting assignment #4 next week, but honestly, this assignment will take me at least 2 weeks. I don’t know the condition of your clutter, the size of your house or what season your life is at right now. Whatever the situation, take your time and do a thorough job. Come back for the next assignment when you are ready! Good Luck and Have a Blessed Time!
ASSIGNMENT #3: republished from A Clean Heart

  • How’s your devotional/memory verse coming along?  Be sure to be “hiding God’s Word in your heart” throughout the week!
  • Are you checking things off ‘MY DON’T FORGET LIST‘?  Remember, don’t let the rest of the house fall behind!
  • NOW… take a picture of every room.  You may cringe now, but the after pictures are going to be so encouraging!  Plus, you never know when you may bless someone who is struggling someday (remember my pictures?).  I have to admit, that having clean pictures of my home also encourages me to get it back in order after it’s fallen apart (um… I mean if it ever fell apart… since I’m so organized and all… um, yeah… right).
  • In order to begin to P.E.R.R.G.E., you must completely get rid of every ounce of desire to clean and organize!!!!  I’M SERIOUS LADIES!!!  YOU CANNOT ORGANIZE OR CLEAN!  YOU CANNOT GET SIDE-TRACKED!  You are going to PICK UP & PROPEL only!  If you need to be reminded of what it is that you’re to do, then refer to the list on page 33 (and continue to do so if you begin feeling the urge to clean or organize!).
  • Go through every room/area and put things into boxes/totes and pick up all garbage and throw it away.  You are not going through anything yet (so if you have some “issues” with magazines, then just put them in a box to go through later).  By garbage I mean garbage (dirty diapers on the coffee table… ahem… if that’s where someone would leave them, breakfast on the table… uh… if that’s not already taken care of, or  broken toys, etc… you get the picture… GARBAGE.  Get rid of it right away!  Again, you’re not going through anything yet.  This a “no thinking” step.  Do not evaluate anything or think about keeping or not keeping… it’s just everything versus garbage.  Those are the only things to think about.
  • Be sure to be checking the rooms off the AT-A-GLANCE CHECK LIST as well (found on page 63).  You don’t have to do the rooms in the order listed and if there’s a room you don’t have or you have more than one (for example a bedroom or bathroom) than just put another box behind it and check it off when you’re done.  This way you’ll know what you’ve done and where you’ve left off (if you have to stop).  You can start in any room you wish, but if I were you… go for the one that everyone sees when they enter your home.
  • Do not try to organize the things in boxes either.  You are putting everything in the boxes.  When you get one box filled, get another one and start filling that up.  Keep going… you can do it!  This step really shouldn’t take much time if you’re really ruthless about  it.  One day… three tops.  Keep going!  (You may even consider staying up a little later after the kids are in bed to finish.)

When everything is in boxes step back and look at your home (take some more pictures if you’d like… it’s another step to remember).  You’ve made HUGE strides in getting things in order!  Now, if you’re anything like me, having those boxes is driving you nuts, or maybe you’re even considering going through your kitchen cupboards and cleaning them out… STOP!!!  Stay on track.  You can do it… it may not be easy to do it this way… but it will all get done eventually.  Hang in there!