How did you do this week de-cluttering your heart? I thought is was much harder and much more emotional than I expected! We’re almost ready to start the physical part of de-cluttering your home. Here is our next assignment…

Please leave some comments to let us know how you are doing and to encourage each other along.

ASSIGNMENT #2: * republished from A Clean Heart

  • AFTER you’ve begun the process of de-cluttering your heart… (and I really mean AFTER… don’t rush into the next step before you’ve had some time to pray over ASSIGNMENT #1), read the Week One Devotion on page 18 (the other devotions are for you to read and journal about on Sundays to get you motivated for the coming week). Go ahead and print out all of the additional pages (on “landscape” setting) if you haven’t already. You may want to laminate these as well, and if you haven’t already, you could use colored paper or card stock. You may want more than one of each one… it’s up to you. Be sure to put up the scripture verse pertaining to week one’s devotion for you to see and memorize. Write in your journal about how the Lord is speaking to you through it.
  • Read pages 29 through 31 in Part 2, and laminate “MY DON’T FORGET LIST” (page 65). You may want to hang this list on the fridge (you could put some magnets on the back as well or use a chip clip) so it’s easily accessible and serves as a constant reminder as you go about your day. You can also take out your AT-A-GLANCE CHECK LIST and hang as well to keep track of where you’re at in the C.C.C.
  • Read pages 32 through 35 and collect boxes (totes) to put ALL the clutter in, as well as trash bags for the garbage. BE SURE TO HAVE THESE ITEMS BEFORE GOING ON SO YOU WON’T LOOSE YOUR MOTIVATION! This step is going to make a HUGE difference in your home!
  • In getting boxes and bags ready for the next step, you may also consider getting a babysitter for the day, having a friend watch children, or paying older children to take care of the younger children all day… uninterrupted! For as motivated as you are to begin, it may help you to be completely uninterrupted when you begin to P.E.R.R.G.E.! NOTE: I know that you’re anxious to move on to the physical part of the de-cluttering, but think of this challenge as a long distance race. You wouldn’t take off running as fast as you could from the start. You’d need to pace yourself in order to make it to the finish line… and cross. It wouldn’t do you any good to just get far enough to see the finish… YOU WANT TO CROSS! This challenge is similar in that how you start will impact the rest of your “race”. YOUR HEART IS THE ISSUE BEHIND THE CLUTTER IN YOUR HOME. If it’s ignored, passed aside, or not given the attention that is needed, the rest of the challenge will be difficult. I really can’t stress this enough. Also… if you’re anything like me, you might have a tendency to get fired up in the beginning and eventually fizzle out and not finish. If you are one of these people, then it’s even more crucial that you begin your journey correctly. We’re starting out slowly and doing it right. We’re NOT going to quit this time… it’s not an option. The Lord does not want us to be living in chaos. He is a God of order, and He has our lives (including our schedules and homes) in perfect order as well. I designed The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up different from The Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge (for those of you who joined that last April) in that, there is no calendar. I have no idea what the clutter is like in your home and didn’t want you to get frustrated or feel behind. There are only a couple of check lists for you to keep track of where you’re at. I will continue making posts about the challenge (although not every day neccessarily) in effort to stay ahead of where you’re at to explain and encourage you. You don’t have to be where I’m at when I post. If you’re not, just keep the post (you could make a “C.C.C.” folder in your email box, or write down the post in your organizer) to come back to later. *I’m also keeping all the posts (in order) on the Colossal Clutter Cleanup page, so you can read whatever you need, whenever you need it.