Several times over the last year, I’ve tried to explain CVSing to various friends and family members (you know who you are 😉 ). Some get it, some don’t.  To help them out I’m going to start posting the simplest deals for the week and how to go about rolling ECBs. The very first thing you need to do is read CVS 101 over at Money Saving Mom. Then make sure you have signed up for a CVS card, either online or in the store.

Week 1

Transaction #1 (assuming you have no ECBs)

  • Buy 1 CVS 24 hour Allergy Relief 5ct. for $3.79
  • Earn $3.79 ECBs

You now have $3.79 to roll over for Transaction #2

Transactions #2

  • Buy 1 CVS 24 hour Allergy Relief 5ct. for $3.79
  • Use $3.79 ECBs
  • Pay nothing…
  • Get back $3.79

Transaction #3

  • 1 Cottonelle Moist wipes @ $5.98
  • Use $3.79 ECBs
  • use $1 off coupon from SS 1/12 (last weeks)
  • OOP = $1.19
  • ECB earned = $3

Transaction #4 (if you have another Cottonelle coupon)

  • 1 Cottonelle Moist Wipes @ $5.98
  • Use $3 ECBs
  • Use $1 off coupon from SS 1/12 (last weeks)
  • OOP = $1.98
  • ECB earned $3

You now have $3 ECBs to roll over for another transaction

At a Glance:

You leave CVS with $19.54 in product for only $6.96 and have $3 to spend next time. Or in CVS-ese : $19.54 in product for $3.96 after ECBs and coupons.

Since this is your first CVS experience, we’ll stop there. I didn’t find too many good deals this week, but if I discover more I’ll let you know.

Now the question is…how does it all “go down”…here is what you should do.

When you get up to the register give the cashier a friendly smile and hello (this goes a long way!). Ask they would mind ringing up your purchases in separate orders (again…this goes a long way). My word of advice…make sure there isn’t a long line before you ask. If there is someone behind you, do the first two transactions and let the cashier know you want to do two more transactions, but you’ll wait until the next customer is finished.

When you get your receipt , your ECBs coupon will be at the bottom. Ask your cashier if you’re unsure which one it is. You may also get other coupons printed out. Save these to use later.

For your next transaction, you’ll give the cashier your ECBs FIRST then your coupon.

Make sure to say, “Thank you for your help” and be on your way! Keep your ECBs in a safe place…there are just like money.

Come back next week for your transaction ideas or post your own ideas and deals you might find in the comment box below.

*This is most likely the most money OOP you will spend at CVS at one time. I normally spend a lot less and get a lot more!