I have to admit….I’m not off to a good start with making my morning routine a habit! Maybe Monday will be better…here’s how it went this morning;

Alarm goes off at 5:30 , hit snooze, hit snooze again ( I really should move the alarm to the dresser so I have to get OUT of bed), roll out of bed (literally) at 5:50.

Go downstairs, tidy up kitchen, grab Bible & a blanket and get ready for some Quiet Time. Start with prayer….promptly fall back to sleep until Vonnie gets here at 6:20 with the baby!

At 6:30 I decided to start coffee and plan my day, only to discover there is no hot water in the kitchen sink! Both bathrooms have hot water, but not the kitchen! Somewhere between the Kitchen Bathroom and the Kitchen Sink, a pipe froze…or so we think! Ben tried to figure it out, but since nothing burst in the basement, we had to let it go until he gets home from work tonight.

7:30 the kiddos get up. They are off for a teacher-in-service day, so they head for the couches in the Family Room with books, DS games & blankets. It was below zero last night and, although the thermostat was set at 67, it was only about 63 in here…brrrr!

At 8:30, I give Ben his coffee to go, a kiss and a “Have a good day” and send him on his way. We eat breakfast and hang out in the Family Room for a little while to keep warm. We have a space heater in there to help keep it warmer than the rest of the house.

At 9am, I decided to start laundry…only to discover…the water line to the washer is also frozen! This happened a few years ago with disastrous results and we thought we remedied the problem.

We have an old house (over 100 years we estimate) and the plumbing is very strange! We’re pretty sure the hot water was originally run to the bathroom from a boiler in the basement to the kitchen sink. Now the hot water heater is in the basement under the kitchen sink and the pipes run from the hot water heater, to the bathroom to the kitchen sink. The laundry room pipe run through a hole in the dirt basement wall to the mudroom. This room was a definate afterthough when the house was built. It still has the oringinal water pump that is hooked to the cistern! The room was built around it. The space under the room is unaccessible (so far as we can tell) and there is no insulation out there. We’ll have to figure out a permanant solution for that problem!  I know…all very confusing…but, if you own an old house you probably know what I’m talking about!

At this point, I’ve pretty much given up on accomplishing anything at all today! I did heat a big kettle of water to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen and I decided we’re having Subs, Chips & raw veggies on paper plates for supper!

Like I said…maybe Monday will be a better day!