Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood is on a mission to get “Back on Track” and has invited others to join her. This is coming at a great time for me. Since starting the Colossal Clutter Cleanup, I’ve been struggling with maintaing a routine ; with myself and my family. I guess I was trying to do too much all at once. So, I’m choosing you as my Accountibily Partners! For those participating in the Cleanup, this is a great idea to get in place before we get too far into everything.

Here is my “proposed” schedule…based on what I’m already sort of doing.

5:30- up, bathed and dressed

5:45 – make coffee and eat breakfast

6:00 – spend time in God’s word & prayer

6:30 – make breakfast for family

8:00 – Spend a few minutes with Ben before he leaves for work

I agree with Crystal…it sounds SO easy written down! Now, I pray I can stick to it for the next month.