Please welcome Renee … aka: Budget Mom! Renee is a close friend of mine and a real encourager. She has recently (this past week!) started a blog with the purpose of encouraging others to follow her toward financial freedom according to God’s Plan. So, if you don’t have a Money Tree in your backyard, hop on over to BudgetMom to find out how you can be Financially Free!

Give her a warm welcome and let her know how you found her blog!

BudgetMom here! I am on a mission to complete my journey to financial freedom and I”m excited to share and encourage others along the way!

A budget is made up of two parts. Inflow and outflow. We simply need to manage that well, in order to move toward financial freedom. I’m tracking my success and I looking for ways to save time and money. One area of tightening is food! My newest mission is to “feed my family on $35 a week”! It can be done! I hope you will join me on the money map path and join my budget club! All are invited and please sign a comment so we can cheer you on too! I think if individual American’s strengthen their personal finances, America will be a stonger financially on a national level as well! I’m doing it for my kids!