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****Original Post – January 9th, 2009****

A few weeks ago I found out about Soap Nuts and shared my excitement with you. I finally ordered 2 Sample packs…one to try and one to give away.

Since I mostly use cold water in the wash, I decided to make Soap Nut Soak to use as detergent. I didn’t have any essential oil to add scent, but I tried it anyway. My official opinion? It’s a really cool concept, they work just as well as my homemade laundry detergent and they are environmentally friendly. I’m glad I gave them a try…I still have the “nuts” to try in the hot water wash. After I made the soak, the nuts were still sudsy so I kept them for next time. I made enough soak to do 8 loads of laundry. My clothes came out of the wash smelling…clean. No fragrance, no residue…just plain clean. I used vinegar in the rinse cycle and no fabric sheet in the dryer. I think the clothes smelled like I had hung them out on the line to dry but they were super soft and the towel were even fluffy!

So…want to try? I’m giving away a sample package of 8 soap nuts. It’s the small cloth bag in the picture above. It is enough to do 6-10 loads of laundry. A winner will be randomly chosen next Tuesday, January 13th. You have 3 chances to win:

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