Ok ladies (sorry gents!) we’re getting ready to begin the Colossal Clutter Cleanup in just 2 days! Are you ready?

  1. Are all your Christmas Decorations put away? Mine are not (shame on me)…I had planned on doing it today, but came down with a nasty stomach bug, so it is getting done tomorrow 🙂
  2. Have you printed out the CCC Organizer and Verse Posters?
  3. Do you have a weekly schedule in place and running somewhat smoothly? I say somewhat, because that it how mine is right now. We’re getting the hang of it, so I’m encouraged.

To help you really get in the mood to de-clutter and clean-up for 2009, how about a giveaway?

swifferI love my Swiffer! It hangs on the back of the bathroom door and we use it almost daily to give the floor a quick cleanup. It’s great for picking up those stray strand of hair, fuzz from bath towel & socks and it’s also great for pet hair. The swiffer also picks up dirt and dust without just pushing it around. It’s so easy and quick, I usually have one of the kiddos do it! My 5 year old loves to sweep the floor 🙂

Here are the rules:

  1. Join the CCC by leaving a comment here.
  2. Post about the CCC on your blog and leave a comment letting me know about it.
  3. Subscribe to this blog

That’s it! One more detail…I will be picking a random winner on Sunday, January 11th at 9pm (eastern). So get the word out and get ready to de-clutter!