Are you ready to de-clutter?? Here are a few things you MUST do before we begin on Sunday:

  1. Print out the necessary materials. See the tab at the top of the page.
  2. Follow these instructions for putting away Christmas decorations:

*republished from A Clean Heart Blog

  • Make sure that EVERYTHING you put away for next year’s Christmas has:
    • sentimental value
    • AND/OR meaning tied to Christmas (remember… your children are learning from you and what they see will determine how they decide to “do Christmas” in their homes someday)

This includes lights (how many strings do you need?), tree ornaments (your tree can have special meaning as well… you don’t need to hang something just because you have it.  Make sure that next year’s tree reflects a story of your family as well as the true celebration of Christmas), decorations (make sure everything is used and quit keeping items for “someday”), etc.  By doing this now, you won’t have to deal with it next year, and will also have some “free space” upon getting rid of items in boxes/totes.

  • As far as getting rid of things… well, if you know of someone who would appreciate something, then bless them!  Otherwise, use the nearest charity shop to donate your items.
  • If you have a child that will be leaving for college or leaving home, then box their stuff up separately so it will be easy to give them next year for their own decorating of their home or dorm.

Remember the true celebration behind Christmas, and this year as you put things away, get excited about the upcoming de-cluttered year!  Begin praying about your heart as well by asking the Lord to reveal areas that need attention.

Follow these few simple step this week and you’ll be ready in no time. Doesn’t the sound of having a de-cluttered , well organized year sound good? It does to me! Personally, I have to remember to follow the challenge day by day and not get ahead of myself.