How is it even possible that only 5 short years ago, this very active, loving, kind-hearted little boy was born? I think my heart breaks a little each time he tells me , “I can do it…I’m big enough now”. I think back on the day that my sweet oldest turned 5 and I remember thinking, “Wow…where has time gone?”…I don’t remember being sad about it. Then my precious middle daughter turned 5 and I thought the same thing. But now, this little guy that steals the heart of just about everyone that knows him is turning 5 and my heart is torn in two! I know that I need to let him grow up, but I wonder…is it ok to hang on a little longer? I guess it’s because he’s my last “baby” and I know that this is my last year with him all to myself. As I sit here, I can’t even imagine what I’ll do when all 3 of my children are at school everyday! For now, I’m blessed to be able to take care of a friend’s little sweetie during the day…if that continues, then it certainly will help with my “empty nest” feelings!

I praise and thank God everyday for the 3 children he blessed us with. Through the sweetest moments and the toughest trials, God has blessed our family in so many ways. And while I know that He is the Giver of every sweet, blessed moment…it’s in the trial that I see His hand the most. I suppose I’ll get through this “trial” as well…although, in reality…it’s a Blessing to be celebrating yet another year with all of our children!