I had something totally different in mind for this week, but I didn’t have time to study up on some details. I wanted to share with you the highlight of my week which brings tremendous Peace of heart to many people at our church.

One of the dear sweet girls in my 1st grade Sunday School class accepted Jesus as her Savior on Sunday! After our story of Isaiah learning of the coming Savior, I made up a story of a princess needing saved by a prince (perfect for a group of 7 year old girls!)…I explained to them that Jesus is that Prince and that he came to rescue us from Satan. That’s making a long story very short, but the important part is that she wanted to pray to Jesus!! After class, we went and got her Daddy so he could pray with her.  After she prayed, she told her friends and some of the other adults…she was so excited! Praise the Lord and please pray with me as we continue to minister to the next generation of God’s missionaries!

Have a Blessed week!!