This week, I’ve been trying to plan out my Christmas baking. Not an easy task, when each of us has several different favorites that only get made at Christmas! I do get together with a friend every year and spend a day baking. We usually get 4 or 5 different kinds made. There are 11 hungry family members between our two families, so cookies don’t last long in either of our homes! I try to put back an assortment in the freezer for company, but somehow they disappear before I know it 😉

Something we’re going to try this year is a Cookie Swap. We’re starting small, with only 6 ladies making 6 dozen of one kind of Christmas Cookie. We’ll get together to exchange them in the next week or two. That way, we’ll have a great assortment and we won’t have spent hours in the kitchen.

Have you ever done this or something similar? I would love any other ideas that would make Christmas Baking easier and more frugal 🙂

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