WOW! This was the first time I joined the “psyco ranks” for the Door Buster Sales. We got up at 2:45AM and left the house for the 45 minute drive to the mall. Why, you may ask? Well…the flyers we had said that JCPenny opened at 4am and Target opened at 5am. We were looking for a new wedding band for me at the former and a Super Mario Nintendo DS at the later. So, here was our morning:

  • 3:45am – arrive at Target to drop off MIL to get in line
  • 4:00am – arrive at JCPenny to get in line
  • 4:01am – enter JCPenny without waiting, because they actually opened at 3:30am!
  • 4:20am – MIL shows up at Pennys and tells us that Target actually doesn’t open until 6am!
  • 4:30am – after waiting for our turn at the Jewelry counter we find out that the ring we wanted was out of stock already. The nice clerk ordered it at the door buster price for us online. So really, we could have come in at anytime before 1pm and had them order it!
  • 4:45am- arrive at Target to get in line (for real this time)
  • 5:55am – late arrivers start standing around near the front of the line expecting to sneak into the crowd when the doors open. No security had come out and it was starting to get interesting.
  • 6am – doors open and there is literally a mad rush into the store. My husband was brave (or crazy) enough to hold back some of the line jumpers until we most of us that had waited more than an hour could get through the door. Nobody got seriously hurt, but one of the line jumpers got through and when some young teenage accidentally bumped into him with a cart, he turned around and slammed the cart back at the kid. I moved out of the way, but he pushed passed me as well. I rushed to the electronics, MIL went to where they were handing out the GPS (she had a ticket that was handed out earlier) and Ben caught up to us after holding back the crowd…thankfully with no black eye or broken bones!
  • 6:10am – after searching for the DS, I finally got the attention of a clerk and was told they weren’t sent any of them! Apparently not all stores received all the advertised specials. I think I’ll be calling the corporate customer service to let them know how disappointed we were. MIL did get the GPS she wanted, so it wasn’t a totally wasted wait.
  • 6:30am – check out of Target…we were very impressed with their system and the line went from the back of the store to the front in less than 10 minutes!
  • 6:50am – quick stop at Toys R Us to look for the DS. Bumped into my neice who had been waiting in line for an hour after spending only 10 minutes getting what she wanted. I guess it was good that that store was out of the DS already!
  • 7:15 arrive at Sam’s club – DS Found!!! They had about 10 of them and they were only about $10 more than the other stores. Picked up a few other things and checked out.
  • 7:30 enjoyed a free breakfast buffet at Sam’s club and rested our weary feet for a few mintues.

That was then end of our craziness. After that, we went back to the mall to do some shopping and eat lunch. We made it to Wal-Mart around 1pm, did some shopping there and finally headed home at 3pm.

My daughter called at 2 and reminded me that we said we’d be home at noon and we were two hours late! We arrived back at my MILs at 4pm, ate supper, played Scrabble and took a nap. We headed back home around 7:15 and the kiddos were ready to go to bed when we got home at 8. Ben and I went to bed around 10 and we all slept in until around 8. I’m still dragging a bit this morning, but I guess it was worth it 😉

What did we end up buying? Not much!

  • Ordered new wedding band – mine lost 2 of 3 of the diamonds and my engagement ring needed some fixing as well. We had an estimate to get them both fixed and found it to be less expensive to just find one ring for now. After 12 years,  they finally started to show how rough I really am on them!
  • Frog rubber boots & an outfit for Alex’s bday present in two weeks
  • A shirt for Sammi for Christmas
  • Best deal? 4 Glade Oil Candle burners for $4 (after coupons) , 2 Glade Candle wisp refills for $2 (after coupons), 2 Glade Fan plugins and 2 refills (fans were free with coupons). You really didn’t think I could go shopping without using coupons did you??

I guess I’ll go out again next year…but I’ll definitely go to bed before 11pm Thanksgiving Day!!!

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