While Sammi and I were out for our Mother/Daughter day on Saturday, we stopped by Target to look around. I found two really great deals that tempt me to make the trip to Target more often! (I’ll hopefully remember to post the pictures later when Ben gets home with the camera!)

Here’s what I got:

  • 7 bottle of Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise Orange Mango Juice = on clearance for $1.58 and I had $1/1 coupons! I paid $4.06 for all 7…which is almost the price of one bottle at Weis Market!
  • 6 packs of 25 Ziplock Sandwich bags = they were marked at .70/bag and I had $1/2 coupons…they actually rang up at .50/bag so I got all 6 for free with my coupons (not including the tax).

We did get some other things that we needed that weren’t on clearance or even on sale, but getting all that juice and bags practically free made up for it! I can’t wait for the chance to go back and see what else I can get. I’m sure there were more deals, but we were hungry and since it was Sammi’s day, I didn’t torment her too much 🙂