I need to address something that has been very much on my mind during this election year. Human Life. Yes, it’s more than just the Pro-Life/Choice issue…I realize that. But, for right now…consider these points when you are casting your vote next week. Remembering, that if you vote for someone that is Pro-Choice, they will have to authority to keep abortion legal…at any stage of pregnancy. And let me say this…if you are unhappy with either of the candidates running for President, don’t stay away from the ballot box. If the person you wanted didn’t make it … write their name it! Just please VOTE for someone.

  • Psalm 139:13-16 makes it very clear when life begins…at the moment of conception. (which is also scientifically supported)
  • Proverbs 31:8 encourages us to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…such as an unborn child
  • Considering the photo above which is at 7 weeks: most abortions don’t happen until after the 8th week of pregnancy. That’s not including what is considered “partial birth abortion”. In my opinion, consider what I know about fetus development, abortion at any time is “partial birth abortion”.

In light of next week’s election, I pray that you will consider this point to be a very important one. Some of you may think that it’s a woman’s choice what she does to her body in this case. But what about the rights of the baby? Some of the same officials that will protect the baby’s life that was born 1 minute ago are also the ones that will pass a bill that will keep abortion legal. If it’s not okay for anyone to kill a newborn baby, why is it okay for a mother to kill her unborn child?

You need to decide what the important issues are in this election. Is it the right to live at any point in life or is it about the personal life issues of particular candidates? While I do believe that we should be concerned about the personal choices of particular candidates and how it may affect their ability to govern our great nation, there are more important issues at hand.

A candidates decision to be Pro-Life or Pro-Choice says a lot about how they view Human Life.

I’ll step down off my Soapbox now…anyone care to borrow it? It’s about making your voice heard…not protecting someone’s feelings. I encourage you to leave comments…keeping in mind that it is at my digression which ones will be posted.