A few months ago I found a really great deal on bananas at our local farmers market…10 lbs for $3. Of course, I had to get them! I had no idea what I was going to do with all of them, but I had visions of smoothies, banana bread, banana muffins, banana pudding…banana everything! It wasn’t until I got home that I realized how many bananas are in 10 lbs…a lot. I did some reasearch and found out that you can freeze bananas in many different ways. Here are a few ideas:


  1. Whole in the peel – the peel will turn brown and the inside will get mushy, but it’s perfect for breads and muffins.
  2. Whole without the peel – the banana may turn slightly brown, but will retain most of it’s firmness.
  3. Sliced without peel – this is how I did mine. That way, I can take out a handful for a smoothie, measure out enough for bread or whatever else I might want them for.


We did eat a lot of those bananas in the first few days, but the rest went in the freezer to enjoy this winter when the prices aren’t so nice!

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