The kids and I went to our local Heritage Days celebration on Sunday. It was loads of fun and very educational. I was able to take a couple of pictures, but with 3 kids, one mom and a gazillion people…it was a bit tricky! I have lots of pictures with other peoples various body parts in the way 🙂

As I mentioned earlier, the girls are going to join the apprentice program this year. I think it’s important…an fun…for our future generations to have a better appreciation of what life was like for those that began our country. There are many things available for the girls (any adults too) to apprentice. Right now, Chrissy is leaning toward Spinning and Sammi toward Weaving. Once they decide, they are assigned a Mentor that will hold “lessons” and help them along the way. I may even pick something…maybe Spinning or Lace Making.

We’ll also be making appropriate clothing (as authentic as we can) for them to wear to parades and different events they may attend. I think they are most excited about that part!

Here are some pictures of the day…enjoy!