A few weeks ago, I had invited a friend and her family over for lunch…at about 10:30am! I really didn’t think it over first, I just thought it would be fun. As I perused the cupboards and fridge, I realized I really didn’t have much for a company lunch and I really didn’t have time to go shopping. I normally have all the fixings for pizza on hand, but I was out of pizza sauce and pepperonis. As I searched, I found a can of crushed tomatoes with galic and basil. Hummm…would this work? I decided it was worth a shot , so I whipped up two pizzas in record time, added red onions and green peppers (from our garden) to one and sliced Hot Dogs on the other. Yes…Hot Dogs! My 4 yr old son loves hot dogs and we had a few leftover so he asked if he could put them on the pizza he was making. Sure…why not! It actually wasn’t too bad…not something I would do all the time, but it was a fun idea!

Anyway…the tip…use a can of Crushed Tomatoes with Garlic and Basil for pizza sauce. Delicious! That’s all we use now…it’s much cheaper too!

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