No…this is not a Political Post…although, I will say that I am totally against child labor to maximize profit in any country. That being said…

I’m not against child labor in my own home! It has come to my attention recently that my children do not know what it is to really work for anything. Sure, they have their chores…mainly to take care of their own belongings and keep their room clean, but they have no sense of what it takes to run a household. It’s my fault completely, I admit! I find it easier to do things one time and do them right, rather than have it take twice as long and not be done to my standard. As any stay at home mom knows…it’s a job most people wouldn’t even apply for if they read this job description. I digress!

My daughters are finally starting to learn what it means to be mom. I let them know that for the next 3 weeks they will do almost everything I do. They are not too happy about it, but I think they will get a better idea of what it’s like to be in my shoes and hopefully appreciate what is done for them. My hope and prayer is that it will also bring us closer as a family as I teach them what to do and how to do it. Granted…when they go back to school, I will probably spend the first few days getting my house back in order and really clean…but, at least by then they’ll be able to help with the daily chores without my help!

PS…those not familiar with our family…my daughters are (almost)12 & 10…my son is 4 🙂 All old enough to do chores!