Sorry to go AWOL for so long…I’ve been in the middle of sprucing up my kitchen the last few weeks. I do have some before pictures, but I have to take some after pictures before I post them. To give you an idea…I decided to tear down the wallpaper and paint the walls. Sounded easy enough considering the “first” layer of paper came off with no trouble. As it is with most older homes…the walls underneath were anything put nice. I had to scrape off yet another layer of paper (that had been painted over), fix some nice size holes from where the plaster was being held in place by the wallpaper (not kidding!), primer then paint. I had intended the entire project to take 1 week. HAHAHA…2 1/2 weeks and I still have not done the woodwork and cupboards or the texture paint that is suppose to “hide” the imperfections. We decided that it may not be the prettiest…but…it is what it is and we’ll be happy with it. Anything was better than the before…which I did forget to take pictures of! I have the “before” after I removed the paper…I’m sure if I look hard enough I’ll find something with the old paper in it.