Ok…so this is a little late…but oh well! We had a picnic at my cousin’s house the weekend after Memorial Day. The kids had a blast! We all had a great day and a wonderful visit.

Chrissy and Alex hit the kiddie pool in their shorts and t-shirts as soon as we were out of the car!

Alex having fun with his big cousin

Sammi had a good day playing with the babies

Chrissy had fun climbing the big tree in the backyard

Discussing Life…Ben and Dad

Even when the baby was crying…Sammi was “on call”

A cute shot of my cousin and her youngest daugher.

My cousin’s oldest daugher

Master Chef & Sous Chef

My cousin’s oldest having a bunless burger!

My brother showing off his tree climbing skills!

Taking a Four wheeler ride

We ended the night with a bonfire and s’mores!