A few weeks ago we went to Knoebles Grove Amusement Park two days in a row! It was lots of fun…the first was for the end of the year school picnic for Connections Academy and the other way for a company picnic for Grandmal. I don’t have the pictures from the school trip…but, here are the pictures of the second trip!

The Merry Mixer

Alex put his arms up on just about every ride!

Sammi getting ice down her back…thanks to Chrissy!

As we were headed back into the park after lunch, we heard the unmistakable music from Chrissy’s All Time Favorite … High School Musical (this was from 2). We sat right up front to watch the performance and the actress that played Gabriella sat down right next to Chrissy! Ben missed the shot, but she has the memory!

Getting ready to get wet on the Flume!

We had a wonderful time at the park! The kids used up the remainder of our tickets playing the Dog Pound game. Alex won me a little stuffed dog, a frog for himself. Chrissy and Sammi both one a stuffed animal too.