What a fun 2 weeks it was to watch these baby robins! Ben managed to get a couple of good shots before they got too big!

Eggs 1&2 hatched on Mother’s Day

Two days later they were all hatched

Day 4 they started to get their down

I think this is about day 8. They are big enough to peek over the edge!

Day 10 the nest is getting a bit crowded!

Day 12 everyone is quite smushed together and yelling loudly for Mama and Papa to feed them

Day 14 Baby #1 leaves the nest. Mama is on the ground coaxing him out. Ben may have had a hand is startling this one out of the nest!

Day 14 Baby #2 leaves the nest. Babies 3 & 4 are finally able to breathe!

Day 15 – Bye bye Baby #3

Day #16 – We’re empty nesters 😦

The kids had a blast watching them grow up. From our front living room window we could watch them getting fed and starting to leave the nest. Hopefully they’ll be back next year and we’ll be able to get a picture every day.