The kids and I really got Daddy this year! It started with Daddy getting a bunch of packing peanuts on his head! I didn’t get a pictures, but he girls rigged up a “trap” for daddy so when he went up to the attic to get them for supper he got a head full !

Then it was time for dinner…

Look Yummy?

Rice Krispy Treat “meatloaf”, ice cream “mashed potatoes” & for dessert “Fauxpie” meatloaf w/ pink mashed potatoes (colored with pureed beets).

Ben caught on to the “main course” almost right away. At first he thought I was trying a new healthy recipe! What really got him was the pie…I brought it out and he asked where the real food was…hehehe. I said “April Fool’s…we’re having dessert for supper!” It took a minute, but then when I finally cut the “pie” he laughed. The kids were great…they didn’t say a word about it. I thought for sure Alex would tell, but I think he forgot once it was all on his plate!