Hope you all had a blessed Easter! I know we did…here are a few pictures from Grandmal & Pap’s house. Every year Grandmal comes up with a fun way for the kids to find their baskets and Pap comes up with a Fear Factor game for them to get some cash! WARNING***although some of the pictures might frighten you, the kids were completely safe at all times!

First we had fear factor…

Challenge #1 – climb ladder to roof and acquire balloon…

Challenge #2 – use teeth to pick up bobbing balloon from the “ditch” (don’t worry…it’s spring water!)

Challenge # 3 – make fire, cook burgers & eat them :

Bonus Challenge – use tree stand to climb pole & pop balloon :

The kids had a BLAST!!! Mom was more than a little worried about the first challenge & totally grossed out by the second…but what do mom’s know?

Then it was Grandmal’s turn…she had taken pictures of different objects in the house and cut them up into puzzles. The kids had to take the first puzzle, figure out what and where it was to get the next puzzle clue. Each puzzle had an extra piece and when they were finished with all the puzzles, the had to put all their extra pieces together to find out where Grandmal hid the baskets! It was a lot of fun…the baskets were in the trunk of her car!

I have lots more pictures to share…but it’s time to go cook supper! I’ll post the rest of our day later tonight!