This is a recipe passed down from my Grandmother. It’s something I think she has made forever! It’s not exactly a secret, so I guess I can share it!

Easter Pie

*makes 6-7 pies

6 lbs Ricotta cheese
1 small container ramano cheese
1 box Acini de Pepe pasta ; cooked
12 hard boiled eggs ; chopped
1/4lb pepperoni ; chopped
1/4 lb pruciuto or hard salami ; chopped
12 pie crusts

1) Mix all ingredients (except crusts!) in a large bowl

2) Divide filling among pies

3) Bake at 350 for 50-60 minutes & serve hot

*all pies get a top and bottom crust

It’s really that easy. And according to Gram, easy to adjust to make just one or a few pies. Enjoy!