Well…we got the pies made now we have to deliver them. We decided to deliver them at church tomorrow since we’ll see everyone then. It was a lot of fun to have the kids help this year. The girls even helped clean up…which ended in an all out towel snapping battle! We laughed so hard that we finally had to put the towels away before someone really got hurt! It’s hard to aim when you’re laughing!

Ingredients…yes I cheated and used premade pie crust!
Sammi trying to open the Ricotta

Nice hat Chrissy!

Alex wanting to help…

Time to chop the eggs!

Chrissy pounded a little too hard…frozen edemame works well for taking the sting out!


7 finished pies

Every year we pick 5 different families to take pies to. I guess we get to keep 2 this year! YUM!