This Christmas started off a little different. We had a search for the Christmas Pickle. Two years ago, Grandmal got us a Pickle Ornament to put on our tree and somehow it got misplaced! Well, I found it for this year (and it’s now living with the Christmas decorations…not the scrapbooking stuff!)…the kids were very excited!

Search for the pickle

Sammi found the pickle! The book is a little bit young for Sammi, but I had to pick something that would work for any of them! The book is young…but the story is timeless!

Chrissy mentioned that she liked this game…I had no idea how excited she would get when she opened it! It’s for the entire family, but she was the most excited!

Stocking stuffers…

Hannah Montana Hair Color kit…it took FOREVER to find a temporary hair color kit for. It was her “big wish” for Christmas. Mom got bonus points for it being Hannah Montana!

Sammi has finally graduated to real perfume. You can’t really see the bottle, but it’s American Girl perfume in a start shaped bottle.

Alex loves his new Planet Heros!Chrissy and her 8′ practice beam.

Sammi’s new ring…it’s a real saphirre!Alex is super happy about his new Leapster L-max!

These were some of their favorite presents…there we a lot more! I have some more pictures that I need to get off my camera, so there will be some more pictures in a few days. Our house looked like Santa’s workshop exploded…but the kids had fun!