I’ve just been reminded how incredibly close the holidays are. Every year, I start to feel the pressure of the holidays and my family usually pays the price! This year, I’ve decided to NOT let the pressures and materialism of Christmas overwhelm and block out the true meaning of Christmas. Yes, we will still Christmas shop…but not for every single person we know. Yes, we will still entertain guests for dinner and dessert…but nothing fancy and I most likely won’t clean the entire house from top to bottom! And yes, we will participate in church outreaches…but it will be as a family.

This past year brought a lot of changes to our lives and as things begin to slow down (hopefully!) we will constantly remind and teach our children about the real meaning of Christmas…Jesus! Because God sent his only son to die on the cross for MY sins (any yours!)…I want to worship Him and in a season when people in the world are more “in tune” with spiritual things, I want the light of Jesus to shine through my family and myself. Because, ultimately, the only gift that means anything this Christmas…was a little baby boy , born in a manger in Bethlehem.