Well, we had a fun-filled, tiring weekend at Grandmal and Pap’s for the festival. Chrissy got up and went over to help with the fires at 5am on Saturday; she stayed until right before lunch and came home and took a nap for a few hours before going back to help with the Cake Wheel. Sammi helped in the kitchen on Saturday around lunch time and also helped stir the Apple Butter. Al and I walked around the festival, ate some french fries and soup, stirred the butter and Alex carried some wood for daddy to put on the fire.

Sunday was much the same except Sam and Chrissy both got up at 3:45 AM with Daddy to go start the fires, they ate breakfast at the firehall, helped stir the butter and tend the fires with Ben. The rest of the day (no nap for either of them) they helped in the kitchen, at the Cake Wheel, stirring butter, carrying wood and purusing the vendors. Of course, Alex and I enjoyed some more delicious food, including Pumpkin Ice Cream! We all (minus Grandmal) took a carriage ride pulled by a beautiful Clydesdale named Max. So much fun! Grandmal couldn’t get away from the kitchen long enough to come 😦

Here are some pictures of the weekend:


Ben…doing his part

I’m big enough!

I can do it myself

Chrissy didn’t stand still long enough to get any pictures…she was hopping from one thing to the next all day! I think Mae Mae might have a few pictures of her, so as soon as I get them I’ll post them!