Kids really do say the funniest things sometimes! This week, both Chrissy and Alex have had a stomach “bug” that lasted about 12 hours. Chrissy was first and Alex came a day later… the second time that Alex .. ahem…tossed his cookies…he was crying and said “Oh no! Now I have to go the hospital and get a new tummy”! It was SO cute! He was so sick and he didn’t understand why mommy couldn’t take him to get a new tummy that didn’t hurt.

All are well now…at least for the time being. Sammi started a new thing yesterday , she is slowly losing her voice! The “evil-twin” mommy hopes it will make its way around to them all! Just kidding, but boy would it ever be quite around here for a few days!

But really, please be praying that we all stay well and others that we have been around don’t catch it as well. Blessings!